Executive Summary

Think Through Math serves two and a half million students in 48 states.  In May 2012, the program received the CODiE award, the software industry's most prestigious award, for the best math instructional solution.  In August 2012, Think Through Math was selected by the Texas education Agency as the supplemental math provider for all Texas students in grades 3-8 (the program's adaptive content supports students in grade 3 through Algebra 1).  That contract was renewed in August 2013.  Additionally, TTM was selected by District Administrator as a Top 100 math solution.  TTM was also awarded the 2014 CODiE for the Best Instructional Math Platform.

Contact Information

Think Through Learning Inc.

116 Federal Street, Floor 2

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Phone: 561-371-6737

Fax: 800-305-0693

Contact:  Traci Burgess, Executive Vice President of Sales

Email:  tburgess@thinkthroughmath.com