Conference Title:

Schlechty Center School Board Conference

Conference Dates:

January 6-7, 2017

Conference Location:

Four Seasons Hotel Austin

98 San Jacinto Blvd.

Austin, TX 78701-4039

Conference Overview:

The work of the Schlechty Center is predicated on the assumption that local educators, rather than outside consultants, are the people who must transform our schools.  We have been there.  We are teachers, principals, and superintendents.  Therefore, we offer framework as opposed to programs and prescriptions.  We provide tools, training experiences, networking opportunities, and advice on strategy and process.  But, we do not offer any silver bullets.

The style of the work of the Schlechty Center is at odds with those consulting operations that come in with a pre-packaged program and a canned set of training activities.  Our goal is to learn with our clients and to leave them with tools that make it more likely that they will continue to learn long after we have departed.  What we offer is more than a program; it is a new way of doing the business of schooling.

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