Executive Summary

Redbird Advanced Learning is part of Rocket group, an education leader founded by Hiram Perez and Jamie Pales.  In 2003 when Hiram was completing his graduate studies at Stanford University, he and a small group of educators began a conversation about how they could combine leading-edge educational practices with innovative technologies to deliver truly transformative educational experiences to large numbers of students.  This conversation continues to this day.  The following year, Hiram partnered with Jamie and they founded Rocket Learning.  The company's objective was to provide high-quality tutoring and educational enrihment services in after school settings using innovative pedagogical approaches.  Realizing that conventional curriculum materials are not sufficiently engaging, the company chose to develop all of the academic materials it uses.  It framed the entire educational process in the context of real-life projects and developed the books, manuals, music, videos, and software required to bring them to life in a truly compelling way.

During its first year of operation, Rocket Learning served a small number of students in Puerto Rico.  By 2006, Rocket learning was serving almost 20,000 students.  That year, Rocket Learning partnered with Matthew Mugo Fields to launch operations in Florida and California.  By 2010, the company was operating in 16 states and serving close to 40,000 K-12 English Language Arts and math students annually.  It had become the largest and most successful provider of tutoring and educational enrichment services.  But more importantly, the company was consistently helping its students achieve significant academic gains-according to an NYU study, Rocket Learning students performed seven times better than students in a control group.

Contact Information

Redbird Advanced Learning, LLC

1825 S. Grant Street, Suite#450

San Mateo, CA 94420

Phone: 901-734-8325

Fax:  650-779-5607

Contact:  Nick Stutzman, Director of Development

Email:  nickstutzman@redbirdlearning.com