Executive Summary

New Tech Network (NTN) is a nonprofit organization with 14 years' experience supporting district and school leaders, and teachers to ensure that students gain knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in life, college, and the careers of tomorrow.  Over the past decade, New Tech has emerged as a leader in US education innovation.  Given the dismal state of student performance nationally, and widespread dissatisfaction with the status quo among parents, practitioners and policy makers, there is significant interest in proven, "innovative" models.  This is coupled with an increased demand for models that also help districts deliver STEM and/or 21st Century skills.

We answer this call; our vision is a nation where every public school has the capacity to realize the full potential of each student.  We are well on our way to demonstrating this can be done in every type of community in this country within existing school districts.

Contact Information

New Tech Network

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Phone: 707-253-6951

Fax: 800-856-7038

Contact:  Alan Veach

Email:  aveach@newtechnetwork.org