Executive Summary 

Imagine Learning has been in business for nearly twelve years, delivering an award-winning English language and literacy software to help students with the essential skills they need to succeed in school.  Imagine Learning has a team of more than 350 employees, including curriculum designers, technical developers, student engagement experts, artists, audio and video specialists, sales managers, quality assurance experts, support and training specialists, writers, and support staff.  The team and creation of the Imaging Learning product are led by experienced executives and designers.

Imaging Learning is well qualified to meet the needs of Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  Imagine Learning was first implemented in the district in 2012 and is currently in thirty-six sites.  The district is using the program to address the needs of its English language learners, struggling readers, and students with disabilities in grades K-5.

Contact Information

Imagine learning, Inc.

191 River Park drive

Provo, UT 84604

Phone:  419-205-1221

Fax:  866-377-5072

Contact:  Eric Keefer, Area Partnership Manager

Email:  eric.keefer@imaginelearning.com