Executive Summary 

Fuel education (FuelEd) can offer Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) and its member schools comprehensive academic resources and solutions that meet the dynamic needs of their schools and student populations.  FuelEd also offers flexibility comprised of full-time and supplemental PreK-12 online and blended learning programs:  including AP, core, world language, elective and credit recovery coursework.

By partnering with FuelEd, CMSD will be able to reach students in need and identify personalized solutions doe each learner.  Our dedicated FuelEd client services team helps customers properly use FuelEd's solutions to alleviate their unique problems.  We have implemented, with our current 114 education partners in Ohio, more sophisticated performance tasks and human-graded construction assessment items to help students in Ohio meet the challenges of the Common Core state standards and Ohio's Academic Content Standards.

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