Executive Summary

EdFOCUS Initiative is a non-profit 501(C)(#) organization that provides consulting services to school districts who are seriously committed to the improvement of classroom instruction.  We are working with several Ohio districts to integrate Ohio's New Learning standards (including the Common Core) into their daily classroom instruction.  With the emergence of the Common Core and the onset of the PARCC Assessment, we have found that most districts "adopt" the new content standards and even build Curriculum Guides or Pacing Calendars to implement them.  But in their classrooms, nothing has actually changed.  This is totally understandable, given that teachers are unprepared to provide the type of instruction called for by the new standards: (1) teaching each standard in a real-world context; (2) students constructing their own meaning, rather then filling in blanks; and (3) authentic learning and assessment strategies that require students to show independent ownership of standards by applying them in a new, 21st Century context.

Contact Information

Ed Focus Initiative

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Phone:  330-842-0742

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Contact:  Judith K. March, Ph.D., Senior Consultant and Author

Email:  jmarch@edfocus.org