Executive Summary

Compass learning is pleased to present our suite of intervention and supplemental instruction solutions.  We offer proven, Ohio and Common Core-aligned student achievement solutions that include:

K-12 curricula, Standards-aligned assessments and customization tools, data or teacher-determined instructional paths, online program management and reporting, and professional development and technical services.

CompassLearning thoughtfully combines scientifically-based curricula, assessments and performance outcome measures, data-driven instruction systems, and professional development to create student learning solutions customized to the needs of your district and students.

CompassLearning offers flexibility to meet your needs:

Intervention, blended learning, or credit recovery, web-based access from any location-24/7/365, program hosting by CompassLearning or the district/school, onsite, online, or blended professional development, and ownership or annual subscriptions.

Contact Information

CompassLearning, Inc.

203 Colorado Street

Austin, Indiana, 78701

Phone:  800-232-9556

Fax:  512-391-1703

Contact:  Gina Rivera

Email:  bids@compasslearning.com