Executive Summary

The Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development's Community Innovation Network (CIN) is an initiative that seeks to connect community-builders, change-seekers, practitioners, and thought leaders to one another for knowledge-sharing, training and capacity building, technical assistance and consulting, and networking.  The CIN's vision is to "serve as the go to resource for local, national, and international change agents and community practitioners, providing a comprehensive array of knowledge and practices in community building and community change and serving as a network hub for practitioners, organizations and communities."

Through its programs individuals and groups are able to learn more about community building and community change and be trained on how to make change within their community or organization.  Additionally, the CIN provides a roadmap for those starting a community building effort (locally, nationally, or internationally); provides assistance to already existing groups or community building efforts; connects practitioners and though leaders to further advance the field of community practice; and lends community engagement expertise to local community development projects in order to ensure their future success and sustainability.

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