Executive Summary 

ASCD provides customized capacity building professional development products and services for teacher leaders, teachers and administrators aligned with school‐based plans. Our capacity building professional development services are focused on developing local experts to ensure sustainability and transfer of professional learning to classroom and school practices. 

For the past ten years, ASCD has been committed to supporting instructional and leadership professional learning efforts in states, districts and schools, including the following large, urban locations: New York State Education Department; New York City DOE, NYC, NY; Miami‐Dade Public Schools, Miami, FL; Cypress Fairbanks ISD, Houston, TX; Atlanta Public Schools, Atlanta, GA; Omaha Public Schools, Omaha, NE; San Antonio Independent School District, San Antonio, TX; Southfield Public Schools, Detroit, MI; Dougherty County Public Schools, Albany, GA; Oak Ridge Public Schools, Oak Ridge TN. 

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