A leading provider of end-to-end literacy and science supplemental intervention solutions, Achieve3000, Inc., has established itself as a knowledgeable and experienced organization in the education sphere for over a decade, providing SEAs and LEAs with complete solutions, including quality instruction for all students that is aligned to Common Core State Standards. With a variety of supplemental and basal instructional platforms, Achieve3000 offers a well-rounded and robust suite of products and services that can enhance Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) students’ performance and support quality education at every level. 

Over the course of more than a decade, Achieve3000 has focused on improving student literacy by delivering differentiated instruction at each learner’s unique reading level, growing into one of the most respected educational service providers. Achieve3000’s education customer base reaches across the globe; we sup- port schools and educators in Morocco, Kuwait, Mexico, British Columbia, and the Virgin Islands—continually reinforcing our goal to improve the lives of children worldwide. 

Achieve3000’s organizational structure allows us to provide a wide range of primary service offerings. Our staffing includes internal technology and development personnel; content and subject matter experts; a considerable operations team focused on internal operations and customer support; professional development and training facilitators; and a cadre of implementation and project management staff internally and onsite with our clients. 

Contact Information

Achieve3000, Inc.

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Phone: 732-367-5505

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Contact: Rivki Locker-Chief Operating Officer

Email:  rivki.locker@achieve3000.com